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Treatment -

Being clear headed enough to find an alternative form of relief must come through an outside source, one Benevolent enough to provide the healing services that our neighbors require to get their lives back on positive paths.  Such compassion will not be found in a Corporation or other Drug-pushing organization whose primary purpose is selling substances.

Providing access to clean needles, detoxification medication, and psychological treatment, are a good start.  But it seems like the gaps in providing protection for substance-users starts both before and after the typical treatment process.  1.  Lack of Addictive prescription medication Oversight and Blackmarket Addictive-substance Product Inconsistencies.  2.  Lack of post-treatment Societal re-engagement and Community reintegration.  Without these additional considerations, People can die before they even have a chance to receive treatment and will be more likely to relapse into substance abuse post-treatment.

But what if there were some other outside-of-the-box ideas?  Perhaps it's possible to take some Bold approaches.  What if we were to provide a Government regulated (FDA) source for such addictive substances and provide them to Community based drug-treatment centers with strict material (chain-of-custody) controls and safety (police security) protocols?  Such a facility could be centered in the Community and surrounded by local treatment-clinics, activity-centers, and job-placement offices.  Such a place could provide a quality-controlled product (dosage amount and strength), an environment providing clinical oversight (treatment), a strong safety presence (local police involvement), and community outreach facilities (psychotherapy, job placement, activity centers, support groups, etc.).  Having such an approach could allow us to keep tabs on substance abuse from start-to-end, and deal with it directly, rather than let it continue to be ignored or denied.

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substance supply & demand-

Whether an addictive drug is supplied illegally from outside the Country or legally through Pharmaceutical companies, the effects of drug dependency are real and frightening.  It is clear that neither illegal drug traffickers or legal drug manufacturers have any desire to sacrifice their profits in the interest of protecting the well-being and lives of users.

While certain approaches such as the "war on drugs" and medical prescription oversight have some impact, they will never be enough to treat the source of the underlying problem.  The problem is within People.  The drive to self-medicate is powerful, and no amount of disciplinary action will ever be able to heal any systemic "wounds" in People.  So let's take a look and how to mitigate the sources of Demand.

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Depression &  Anxiety -

Drug users are typically unable to break free from their addiction by themselves.  Nor are they generally in an emotional state of being to even want to be free of their dependency.  It has become such an integral means of mitigating their pain, depression, anxiety, or psychological or physical ills.   Hope for Freedom of Relief, soon turns into Fixation and Despair.  Such modes of self-destructive behavior are difficult to break, but with dedicated resources, altruistic will-power, and sources of positive opportunities, there is always Hope that these cycles can be broken.   We need to find a way to provide People life support structures and give healing tailored to an individual's needs.

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Community Impact - 

Some communities have been devastated by the drug epidemic.  Lives are being lost due to drugs (such as opioids) being mixed with other more immediately deadly products (such as fentanyl or formaldehyde).  Friends, Family, Police Departments, Emergency Response units, Social Workers, and Prison systems, are all being strained trying to cope with community members whose addiction activities create chaos and whose actions may ultimately lead to them a deadly Overdose.

If we are a Nation that truly cares about the health and well-being of our neighbors, shouldn't we care about lifting people out of their dark despondencies and helping them recover to a more centered and engaged state of existence?  If you were in their position, wouldn't you want someone to do the same for you?  Addressing community substance abuse may be challenging and it won't come without cost, but doing nothing will only allow the problem to grow and fester, and could eventually affect someone you know or care about.

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