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Partners and Allies


People's party

A budding grassroots political organization working on the premise that the current Political Party structure is essentially a Duopoly, with both Republicans and Democrats effectively controlled by Big moneyed Corporations and Individuals who have a vested interest in oppressing the Voice and Will of the American electorate.  Efforts are being made to bring the Energy and Focus of a multitude of well-intentioned organizations into a Cohesive Cooperative Union.  "None of us can do it alone".



Animal Protection is quickly gaining popularity among people.  Many of us have furry loved ones that we consider to be members of the family, and their health and well being are important.  The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals works to provide Rescue services, Health services, Behavioral training, Adoption services, and also helps in the prosecution of Animal Cruelty cases.

american civil liberties union

The ACLU is always working to protect the rights of Individuals from the Overreach of Governmental Institutions and Legislation, this Organization has a long history and proven track record of fighting to protect our Civil Rights.

green party

A fellow Sibling political organization that shares many of the core values of our Partners and Allies.  They have a national presence and are fighting to give People better Candidates and more Election choices.

nurse's union - California

This is little doubt that Nurses are some of the most Caring and Compassionate people in our communities.  They work their tails off to bring Healing and Support to the most sick and vulnerable of us.  That work is also not limited to the confines of Hospital facilities.  They are out there rallying public support and Engaging government leaders, with the goal of maintaining vital quality Health services for our Communities.

Human agenda

Our time and energy are the most valuable commodities in the World. This organization fights to provide resources and time to People, so that we can all live fuller lives and not get so bogged-down in the non-stop work-grind that many of us currently have to deal with on a daily basis.  There is more to life than work!


An organization that fights to combat Poverty Nationally and Worldwide.   They strive to focus on enacting and protecting Legislation that is geared towards facilitating Economic Mobility for People struggling to make ends meets.


you organization here...

Do you have a Worthy Cause that aligns with many of the core principles that the Partners and Allies above share?  Send in your Organization's Contact information (website link), and join our Common Cause efforts.  Getting the word out to the public can be a difficult task, but by linking together, we can become a stronger and more cohesive force for Positive Change in our communities.