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Candidate Statement:

Every human being has one obligation in Life, it is to find one's true Self-Purpose.  Every individual's Journey is unique and can never be fully understood or appreciated by another.  But if we have Patience, if we actively Listen, if we Compassionately and Positively Engage, we can coax another's Spirit to share their most Invaluable Experiences with us.  This Facilitates Healing in the story teller, Growth and Discovery in the listener, and Deeper Bonds-of-Affection within All.

Every Problem, every Design, every Person is a Puzzle.  Each comes with its own unique constraints, opportunities, interconnections, and status of "completion".  It has always been in my Personal nature to Resolve the completed Picture, to Discover Intricate Beauties, to Comprehend the Meanings behind the Messages, and to Apply what has been learned into Everyday Life.

It has come apparent to me that our American Family is desperate for Quality Leadership.   In feeling this Cry, this Yearning, my Heart compels me to answer the call of Service.  While I do not claim to be the right person to temporarily occupy any particular position, I feel that I must at least offer myself as a worthy Choice.  Your Faith, your Trust, and your Vote must otherwise be Earned.  My task is to Prove myself worthy of such a Sacred Responsibility, and it is your job to Vote for People who Inspire Excellence and represent the Best that your Community has to offer.

Humbly & Sincerely,
Chris Wood   01/07/2018

    Voter Registration:  (until 15-days before Election day)
    Primary Election Date: June 5th, 2018
    General Election Date: November 6th, 2018

Affiliation:  Independent (former Democrat [2008-2017] and Republican  [1997-2008])

I have no ties to any large Corporate Interests or long Established Political Party.  I am currently totally self-funded.  Any Donations that may be accepted in the future, will be publicly disclosed.  Donations will not be accepted from any Corporate, Anonymous, or Foreign-Entity sources.

(U.S. Congress: California District-11)

Photo by HOMONSTOCK/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by HOMONSTOCK/iStock / Getty Images

Remember our Roots...

"Someone is sitting in the shade today because someone planted a tree a long time ago."

— Warren Buffett


What type of tree will you plant today?  How about tomorrow?  


My entire life has been based on the pursuit of Wisdom, Honor, Hard Work, Discipline, Goodness, Creativity, Will, Perspective, Peace, Calm, and Control.

I Strive to have more Compassion, more Connection, more Generosity, more Joy and Happiness, and more Courage to speak-out for the "Little Guy" and the Greater Good.

Forgive me my failures, as I endeavor to forgive others,  because no one arrives at "Completion", we're all just wonderful Works-of-Art in Progress.

I wish Everyone excellent Health, abundant Joy, and unconditional Love

I can think of no greater gifts...

Take Care, Always

Chris Wood   01/07/2018

Photo by smjohnson1970/iStock / Getty Images
Photo by smjohnson1970/iStock / Getty Images