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Tactical Objectives:  To Listen to People and understand the challenges they face.  To Develop innovative Ideas, Create better Organizational Systems, and Execute Implementation Strategies.  To Facilitate and Assist Individuals and Organizations who administer local programs which support Learning, provide tangible Resources, and develop meaningful Personal Relationships. 

The focus on People all aims to foster connectivity, physical security, emotional support, and personal growth.  And it all begins at the grassroots level in our local communities.

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Make an Impact:

The whole purpose of Public Service (in whatever form that may take) is to build more Vibrant existences for all members of the Family-Community.  So let's get out there and have an Impact on the World and one another!  Sometimes, we just need a push in the right direction (stick), or something inspirational to Rouse our Heart or Intrigue our Minds (carrot). 

Decide to Get Involved!   Once you're "out the door", you've done the hardest part.  Just remember to follow three simple steps and you're on your way to a Productive Endeavor.


active LISTENing

Have you ever been talking to someone and you just get a feeling like the other person is not really engaged in the conversation?  Don't be that guy/gal!

Be Present and Engaged.  Imagine yourself in their position and Imagine what their experience would feel like to you.  True Empathy for another's plights and struggles is critical to Manifesting any real Reform.

As an Activist you really want to have your thoughts and ideas expressed and heard... and so does everybody else!  So give each other respect and courtesy, and Allow Everyone to Speak their Truth.



Be Present, but endeavor to Keep True to your own Perspectives.  If there is little or no consensus on a specific topic, minimize wasting each other's time.  Instead move on to other topics where there may be more potential of finding Common Cause.

Just as it's guaranteed that we will not Agree with anyone on everything, so too is it true that we will not Disagree with anyone on everything.  We're all human beings, and we share far more in common than not.  Focus on Common Causes.

Keep the most contentious issues on the back burner when working on an Individual scale.  Reserve your most Raw Candor for Debates or Community meetings (larger forums) where an idea will be viewed as "open for consideration by all", and not misinterpreted as an Affront to any Individual's point of view.



develop a framework to advance common causes

Now that common goals and objectives have been identified by you and your Allies, it's time to get started with Brainstorming Ideas on how to implement Positive Change.

This may mean petitioning existing Established Institutions, Elected Officials, and Community Leaders or it could require the development of an entirely new Organizational Structure.  Regardless of which direction you go, it will require a dedicated effort towards Planning, Organization, and Execution in order to see results at the end of the Journey.

While it's no guarantee that Success will be achieved,  the alternative is more of the same old unacceptable state of affairs.  So use these experiences to build upon the next time around, and Don't Give Up!


Policy Issues:

There are many local, regional, state, and national issues which affect all of us in various ways and to varying degrees.   The breadth of challenges faced by People around the world can be difficult to wrap one's mind around and sometimes can feel overwhelming.  Just keep in mind that no single Individual or Organization can solve the World's problems alone.  However, Collectively, with all of us working in parallel, working on multiple fronts, and working on issues that each of us has a personal connection with, everything becomes Possible.  "E Pluribus Unum", Out of Many, One.



Society faces one of the largest instances of Wealth Inequality the Country has ever known; where Families in the top 10% of wealth distribution holds 76% of all Family wealth.  And we haven't even begun to talk about Corporate wealth, Campaign Finance corruption, or the impacts of the Citizens United case.  The Challenge facing the People stems from the question:  How can we blunt the influence of Money in Politics and Restore control of our Electoral Process to ensure it reflects the Voices of Citizens and not Organized Wealth?


The planet is undergoing incredible change (Rising Sea levels, Higher Energy Storms, Floods, Droughts), all of which is a direct impact of humanity's drive to harness the necessary Energy required to move people, resources, and information.  The Challenge facing the People stems from the question:  How can we provide the Energy needs of Humanity while Restoring the planet's natural energetic Balance?


Today, some Issues have a ~70% approval rating, but get absolutely no movement at the Federal level (approval rate of Congress ~10%).  The framework of our Constitutional Government (Gerrymandering, etc.) and the lack of Democracy within Political Parties (Superdelegates, etc.) have resulted in bottlenecks which effectively redirect, blunt, or outright block the will of the People.  The Challenge facing the People stems from the question:  How can more direct pathways of Citizen choice be injected into these Institutions and Restore control of our Electoral Process to ensure it reflects the Voices of Citizens?


A record number of premature Deaths due to drug overdoses are being reported around the Country.  This issue is stealing the lives of far too many in our communities and the problem desperately requires our attention. The Challenge facing the People stems from the question:  How can we Intercept despair,  loneliness, and dependency while Healing people's wounds and traumas in order to Restore a healthy life Balance?


Notable Quotables:


"we must accept finite disappointment, but never lose infinite hope"

Quote Source / Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.

Date Posted: January 2018

"better than a thousand hollow words, is one word that brings peace"

Quote Source / Buddha

Date Posted: January 2018

"Be sure you put your feet in the right place, then stand firm."

Quote Source / Abraham Lincoln

Date Posted: January 2018


Get Involved

Your Family, your Community, and your Country Needs You!  Change won't occur if you sit on the sidelines.  The Future is built by us, for Better or Worse, either Actively or Passively. 

Be Brave, Answer the call to Service!  Find the Courage to Envision whatever shape your Dream may take, Listen to the Voices of the Angels of your better nature, and Trek through whatever path is laid before you. 

There is only one way Forward, and that's Together for Common Good.  You're either an Actor on the Stage or just part of the Background Noise.  It's time to Choose your Role and get Active!


Understand the issues

Suffering happens because we are blind to the patterns of behavior that we cyclically repeat over and over.  The first step in breaking through such  traps is by having awareness.  Understanding and Learning are the gateways to creating Positive Change, so let's get started! 

Volunteer opportunities

Good people are always in high demand and  are desperately needed.  If you have the availability, Please lend your Talents and Abilities!

Make a Donation

Every hard earned dollar that is generously gifted to our Organization is valued tremendously.  Funds will be used faithfully to ensure your sacrifice gets maximum value.  Thank You for Any and All Support!