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energy future -

Human Civilization's future depends on establishing Clean and Affordable sources of Energy as an alternative to fossil fuels.  The possibilities are only limited by our willingness to Invest, our ability to Research, our creativity to Innovate, our determination to Implement, and our wisdom to Optimize and Balance.  However, powerful interests (Fossil-Fuel Companies) which have dominated the economic system for decades, will fight to maintain their hold on the profitable status-quo, for as long as possible.

But there is great hope!  Today, there are more and more economic incentives (costs of disaster relief and rebuilding) that happen to align with social driving factors (demand for climate change mitigation), which will help the push forward for such developments.  There are also promising Energy source approaches that are being explored and are worth examining in more detail.

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climate change: facts vs. fiction -

The planet's climate is an energy system like any other.  To say that the mass combustion of hydrocarbons has no effect on this energy system is plainly unscientific.  Any high school physics student can probably describe the law of Conservation of Energy.  On top of that, the resulting byproducts (Carbon-Dioxide [CO2], Methane [CH4], etc.) which are released into the atmosphere, impact the amount of Water-Vapor [H2O] in the atmosphere, creating additional "Greenhouse Effects", ultimately increasing the average Global Temperature.

The effects of such Temperature increases are quickly melting polar ice reserves, which will not be able to regulate the global temperature indefinitely.   The extra energy in the system is being forced to compensate in other more direct and volatile ways, shifting energy (via water circulation) more through atmospheric means (hurricanes, droughts, intense rainfall), as heat becomes less easily transferable through ocean currents (less temperature differential).

The Science is solid and broad international consensus exists.  If there was any reason to doubt the evidence, scientists would be the first to discover it.  Their entire field is based on establishing verifiable evidence and meticulous testing of theories.  Anyone outside the field (particularly when there is a [financial] conflict of interest involved) has no standing or basis to dispute the findings, and should be ignored as corrupt.

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