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(Condensed Overview)

I was born in Berkeley, Ca and the East Bay has been my home ever since.  I grew up in the small suburban town of Moraga, located just east of the Oakland hills.  I attended Camino Pablo Elementary, Joaquin Moraga Intermediate School, and Campolindo High School.  After graduation, I was accepted and attended college at the University of California (Berkeley), where I majored in Civil Engineering emphasizing in Construction Management.

After Graduating in the Spring of 2002, I found work in a small, understaffed, and somewhat dysfunctional Civil Engineering firm that was at the time located in Pleasant Hill, Ca.  Luk & Associates gave me the opportunity to develop at my own pace.  And with a talented, dedicated, and (overly) hard-working Mentor's support, I was able to quickly learn the solid foundations of Project Management.

Over the years we have seen many ups and downs, including moving office locations, internal reorganization and restructuring,  staff turnover, the Housing market collapse of ~2007, and the subsequent impacts of the "Great Recession".  We survived a lot of external and internal struggles, but always managed to come out stronger in the end.  Today we have a staff of fantastic people, are always running at breakneck speed (dynamically juggling a multitude of client needs at once), and still managing to get things done in an environment of ever expanding bureaucracy, regulations, and oversight. 

Our team has been like a Second Family, built on supporting one another, being adaptable, focusing on the Highest Quality Design product, ensuring a high degree of client satisfaction, and completing work on-time (or ahead-of-time).

This overview is a fairly condensed summary, focusing on the more Professional aspects of my Life.  There are simply too many things that could be discussed.  I'll try to let my Bodies of Work (look to right) speak for itself.  

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Lessons in Openness & Engagement...

"A house divided against itself cannot stand."

"I don't like that man.  I must get to know him better."

"Do I not destroy my enemies when I make them my friends?"

— Abraham Lincoln

Projects - Civil Design:

Below is a list of some developments just in Contra Costa County (District-11) that I was a part of as a Civil Engineering consultant.  It's nice to see one's work take form all around the Community we serve, whatever the endeavor, and to whatever degree we are able to contribute.